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Norden Tube Fillers

Norden has a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of the Tube Filling machine, offering high performance, quality and reliability.

Lex Machinery’s specialist team of expert engineers have obtained years of experience and extensive knowledge in working with Norden Tube Fillers. This experience is reflected by our continuous success in efficiently and accurately fully refurbishing these high quality machines.

Here at Lex Machinery, our Norden Tube Fillers undergo a full refurbishment program carried out by our professional ex -Nordon engineer, to restore them back to the best possible condition. We have gained many satisfied clients through providing outstanding quality equipment which meets the highest technological standards along with offering an excellent customer service.

Stage 1 – Norden Tube Filler arrives at our works

On arrival an initially assessment is carried out on the machine.

Stage 2 – Machine is completely stripped down

The Norden Tube Filler is completely stripped down to the outer shell, ready for each part to be individually inspected.

Stage 3 – Checking, Cleaning andReplacement of Parts

Our specialist engineer then checks and cleans down all parts, replacing any that are excessively worn or where necessary.

Stage 4 – The rebuild process

Piece by piece the machine is put back together, new Perspex guarding is fitted and the machine panels are shot blasted and coated. Once the rebuild is complete along with the necessary electrical work then the machine is ready for its first test run.

Stage 5 – Test Run

The first test run is for an initial check that all functions are as they should be following the rebuild with any final tweaks or adjustments completed ready for the machine to be set up to the customer’s specified tube and product.

Stage 6 – Factory Acceptance Test

The final stage, once the machine has been fully test run on our customers product Is to invite them to our premises for a Factory Acceptance Test. This is where we will demonstrate to them the machine fully functioning on their product.

Stage 7 – Collection

Depending on the customers preferred preference Lex Machinery can then either install, commission and conduct training on the tube filler at the customer’s production site or if this service is not required then the machine is collected following the FAT test.

For more information please contact a member of our sales team on 01352 792860