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Rommelag Leak Detector

Stock Code: 1675

Model: HVLD 924. Serial No: 946.05/924013. Year: 2006

The Rommelag HVLD high voltage leak detector operates based on the high voltage test method and the electrical conductivity of the fill product packaged in a non-conductive plastic ampoule. The system is designed for fully-automatic in-line leak testing of ampoule blocks.

If any leak is present, the discharge current will flow through the pinhole into the container and the detection of this current will automatically cause the container to be rejected.

The high voltage leak detector represents a testing method without risk of contamination of product and does not require human intervention.

The machines consist of the following basic components: Ampoule feeding systems to the leak detector, transport system with product holders, switch for ampoule separation, inspection electrode(s), ampoule discharge system, machine guards, ozone exhaust system, electrical panel with all electrical inspection devices, PLC and color monitor.

Complete with Rommelag’s recommended list of essential spare parts.

Current FDA guidelines require validation for container closure integrity tests. EU GMP guidelines stipulate “Plastic ampoules should be subject to 100% integrity testing.


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