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Rommelag 302 Blow-Fill-Seal Machine

Stock Code: 1850

Model: 302. Serial No: 32 17 111.1 / 334.81. Year: 1981

Rommelag Bottlepack model code BFHJ is a compact, fully automatic machine designed to produce ampoules and vials from PE+PP granulate, fill them with product and close them in one operation using Blow-Fill-Seal technology.

It is built for the aseptic primary packaging of Large Volume Parenterals (LVP such as injectable and intravenous solutions in form of vials and bottles).

Thanks to the advantages offered by plastic moulding, it allows to obtain containers of great variety of shapes and forms to suit various applications depending on the type of the product, packing materials used and type of moulds.

Machine is suitable for moulds with 1 to 5 cavities and output is determined by number of cavities, shape and weight of the container, characteristics of fill product, and plastic material: single cavity – fill range up to 10,000ml – speed up to 160 pieces per hour (approx. 3 pieces per minute); 2 cavities:  fill range up to 5,000ml – speed up to 400 pieces per hour (approx. 6 pieces per minute); 3 cavities – fill range up to 2,200ml – speed up to 800 pieces per hour (approx. 13 pieces per minute); 4 cavities – fill range up to 1,000ml – speed up to 1200 pieces per hour (approx. 20 pieces per minute); 5 cavities – fill range up to 500ml – speed up to 1500 pieces per minute (approx. 25 pieces per minute); blow moulding of the future bottle by means of compressed air takes place in the water cooled mould system.

Complete with a full set of manuals in Norwegian and English;  380V; 3 Phase; 25 kW extruder motor; compressed air operating pressure: 10 Bar.

No moulds included with this machine

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