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Latest Stock Items (March 2019)

Fleximatic Bottle Unscrambler

1819a Fleximatic UnscamblerFleximatic 5000 bottle unscrambler with hopper and infeed elevator. Fully automatic with 6 lanes designed for square and round bottles. Output speeds of 40 to 80 bottles per minute depending on bottle size and machine set up. Maxium bottle size 275ml.  Outfeed conveyor. 3ph, 220/380V, 0.75kW. Max 6 bar air pressure. Machine sizes: unscrambler 1600mm x 1200mm x 2050mm high, approx. weight 250kg, hopper including infeed conveyor 1450mm x 1200mm x 1880mm high, approx. weight 150kg

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Pack Leader Wrap Labeller

1818a Packleader Wrap LabellerPack Leader Pro-515 automatic wrap around labeller for various diameter/ length round bottles. Built in control panel with cross memory module to record best label setting methods which boost productivity and speed up changeover process; labelling delay function; labelling quantity count function; production pre-set function; miss label set and built in trouble shooter. Hand wheel mechanism to suit various product sizes and labelling positions with label gapping system. High beam for handling tall bottles with high labels (machine currently set up to 160mm label height). Allen hot foil coder. Dispensing speed: 40m/min max; conveyor speed: 22m/min max (customizing optional); applicator height: 170mm/230mm; label size: 170mm x 300mm max. Plastic slat conveyor width 160mm. 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1 Phase, power consumption 660VA. 304 Stainless Steel. Mobile on wheels. Machine size: 2500mm x 1200mm x 1800mm high, approx. weight 500kg. CHECKED/TESTED/RUNNING.

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