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Helios Bag Emptying Station

Stock Code: 1896

Model: Oktomat Eco SOS

Helios single station discharging system for industrial bulk bags.

Designed to empty all common types of BigBags, octabins, folding boxes, lattice boxes, bulk bags with foil inlet, etc.

All Stainless Steel construction with a solid base.

With the suction mechanism free flowing materials can be removed from attached bag without the presence of personnel.

By decreasing the bag diameter the bulk material will be pushed towards the area of suction.

At the end of conveying the bag is lifted from the floor for complete removal.

Bag lifting power continuously adjustable up to 1500N (150kg).

Stroke length 800 mm.

Equipped with a bag tightener and oscillating system to help problematic materials to flow properly (such as regrind, powder, food/salts, granulates like TPE / Soft PVC).

SOS control including: pipe emptying suction, residual discharge time display, empty signal via LED light and potential free contact.

No suction head and respective fittings available.

Machine size: 1400mm x 520mm x 2600mm high, approx. weight 300kg

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