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1955a Manesty B3B Tablet Press

Manesty 16 Station Tablet Press

Stock Code: 1955

Model: B3B. Serial No: 27C168

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1954a Manesty Unipress Tablet Press

Manesty 27 Station Tablet Press

Stock Code: 1954

Model: Unipress. Serial No: 15957 89. Year: 1989

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1953a Romaco Macofar Capsule Filler

Romaco Macofar Capsule Filler

Stock Code: 1953

Model: CD40. Serial No: 12.204. Year: 1998

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1952a Fette 43 Station Tablet Press

Fette 43 Station Tablet Press

Stock Code: 1952

Model: Perfecta 2000. Serial No: 06 443. Year: 1988

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1940a Manesty Accelacota Line

Manesty Tablet Coating Line

Stock Code: 1940

Model: Accelacota

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1937a Swiftpack Elevator

Swiftpack Tablet Elevator

Stock Code: 1937

Model: Swiftlift. Serial No: M1418. Year: 1995

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1916a Manesty 55 Rotapress D Type

Manesty 45 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Stock Code: 1916

Model: Rotapress Diamond (D Type). Serial No: RPD18JB. Year: 2003

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1915a Manesty 55 Rotapress B type

Manesty 55 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Stock Code: 1915

Model: Rotapress Diamond (B Type). Year: 2008

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1912a IMA Blister Line

IMA Blister Packing Line

Stock Code: 1912

Model: Express – N. Serial No: B-63-006. Year: 2018

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1891a Kraemer Deduster

Kraemer Tablet Deduster

Stock Code: 1891

Model: E92-250A. Year: 2006

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