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1728a ICS Chiller

ICS Chiller/Cooler

Stock Code: 1728

Model: TA M10. Year: 1994

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1726a ICS Chiller

ICS Chiller/Cooler

Stock Code: 1726

Model: TA M10. Serial No: 1200400126. Year: 1994

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1723a Hulme Martin Sealer

Hulme Martin Impulse Bench Heat Sealer

Stock Code: 1723

Serial No: 23/2738

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1718a Stainless Table

S/S Table

Stock Code: 1718

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1708a Stainless Table

S/S Table

Stock Code: 1708

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1707a Bruker Avance 300 Spectrometer

Bruker Analyser/Spectrometer

Stock Code: 1707

Model: Avance 300 UltraShield. Serial No: BZH 131/300/708. Year: 2001

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1706a Ozaf Vibratory Bowl

Ozaf Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Stock Code: 1706

Model: 470 800. Serial No: 0224. Year: 2001

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1703a Stainless Table

S/S Table

Stock Code: 1703

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1699a Komax Test Unit

Komax Test Unit

Stock Code: 1699

Model: Sosei. Serial No: 5001 165. Year: 2008

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1698a Nimmo Filler-Crimper

Nimmo Aerosol Crimper and Filler

Stock Code: 1698

Serial No: C6.17. Year: 2003

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