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Liquid Fillers

1767a B+S Vial Filler + Plugger

Bausch & Stroebel Monoblock Filler & Rubber Plugger

Stock Code: 1767

Model: KSF 1020. Serial No: 5347. Year: 1982

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1704a MAR Monoblock 0230

MAR Monoblock Filler/Capper

Stock Code: 1704

Model: M19-4R/9PV. Serial No: 461. Year: 2001

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1672a Vacuum Filler

Universal Twin Head Vacuum Filler

Stock Code: 1672

Model: Easifill

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1671a Adelphi Centrair Filler

Adelphi Filler

Stock Code: 1671

Model: Centrair

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1629 Masterfil Liquid Filler (1)

Masterfil Single Head Liquid Filler

Stock Code: 1629

Serial: 3249 View Product

1628a Purdy 6 Head Filler

Purdy Bancroft 6 Head Liquid Filler

Stock Code: 1628

Serial No: FH6/134/C5

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Purdy Gravfil Twin Head Vacuum Liquid Filler

Stock Code: 1602

Serial No: 2/9811

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1588 CMC Liquid Filler (1)

CMC 8 Head Vacuum Liquid Filler

Stock Code: 1588

Serial No: 0104 View Product

1555a Breitner 6 Head Liquid Filler

Breitner Liquid Filler

Stock Code: 1555

Model: KDY364. Year: 1989. Serial No: 831149

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