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Used Machinery

1743a Clarke Compressor

Clarke Air Compressor

Stock Code: 1743

Model: SE25C200. Serial No: 99745. Year: 2012

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1735a Farmomac Cap Elevator

Farmomac Cap Elevator

Stock Code: 1735

Model: F50. Serial No: 50122. Year: 1989

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1733a Rommelag Spare Parts

Rommelag Spare Parts

Stock Code: 1733

Model: 3012

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1732a CFM Vac Extractor

CFM-Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Extractor

Stock Code: 1732

Model: 3106 (Standard). Serial No: 04AC599. Year: 2002

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1730a Rommelag BFS

Rommelag Blow-Fill-Seal Machine

Stock Code: 1730

Model: 3012. Serial No: 312 23 172. Year: 1991

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1729a CAM PPM Cartoner

CAM Horizontal Cartoner

Stock Code: 1729

Model: PMM. Serial No: 15160 PMM.4. Year: 1999

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1728a ICS Chiller

ICS Chiller/Cooler

Stock Code: 1728

Model: TA M10. Year: 1994

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1727a Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm Pump

Stock Code: 1727

Model: PD20A-BSS-AAA. Serial No: L0084867

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1726a ICS Chiller

ICS Chiller/Cooler

Stock Code: 1726

Model: TA M10. Serial No: 1200400126. Year: 1994

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1724a Klockner Blister Packer

Klockner Blister Packing Machine

Stock Code: 1724

Model: EAS. Serial No: 356. Year: 1995

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