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Used Machinery

1919a Seidenader Inspection

Seidenader Visual Inspection Machine

Stock Code: 1919

Model: V90/60-LR. Serial No: 174/92. Year: 1992

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1918a Eisai Inspection Machine

Eisai Visual Inspection Machine

Stock Code: 1918

Model: EIS 596. Serial No: Z 015. Year: 1996

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1913a King 6 Head Filler

King 6 Head Gear Pump Filler

Stock Code: 1913

Model: KT340K/6. Serial No: 195302

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1912a IMA Blister Line

IMA Blister Packing Line

Stock Code: 1912

Model: Express – N. Serial No: B-63-006. Year: 2018

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1911a Graham Sleever

Graham Labelling Systems Sleevit Machine

Stock Code: 1911

Model: RF120 – E68040. Serial No: 10362. Year: 2003

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1910a Tirelli Monoblock

Tirelli Monoblock Filler/Capper

Stock Code: 1910

Serial No: M938. Year: 2005

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1909a Nordson Hot Melt Applicator

Nordson Hot Melt Applicator

Stock Code: 1909

Model: Series 3100V. Serial No: 230880A SA01E 01203

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1908a Premier Labeller

Premier Front & Back Labeller

Stock Code: 1908

Model: P150. Serial No: 1916119. Year: 2019

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1907a Premier Labeller

Premier Front, Back & Wrap Labeller

Stock Code: 1907

Model: P200. Serial No: 841K08. Year: 2008

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Rommelag 460 Blow-Fill-Seal Complete Line

Stock Code: 1906

Model: 460

Year: 2006 upgraded and refurbished by Rommelag in 2016 View Product