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Used Machinery

1807a CAM M90 Blister Packer

CAM Blister Packer

Stock Code: 1807

Model: M90. Serial No: S06-352. Year: 1994

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1806a IMA A94 Cartoner 2924

IMA Horizontal Cartoner

Stock Code: 1806

Model: A94. Serial No: A94077. Year: 2002

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Marchesini Horizontal Cartoner

Stock Code: 1805

Model: MA50. Serial No: 103000348. Year: 2005

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1804a KSF 1020 Monoblock

Bausch & Stroebel Monoblock Filler & Capper

Stock Code: 1804

Model: KSF 1020. Year: 1995

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1798a Kalix KX800 Metal Tube Filler

Kalix Metal Tube Filler

Stock Code: 1798

Model: KX800.  Serial No: 8578. Year: 1998

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1797a DNC Case Taper

DNC Case Sealer

Stock Code: 1797

Model: L35CS.  Serial No: 23419. Year: 2016

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1796a DNC Case Taper

DNC Case Sealer

Stock Code: 1796

Model: L35CS.  Serial No: 23417. Year: 2016

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1795a Capsurgel Capsule Filler

Capsugel Capsule Filler

Stock Code: 1795

Model: CAP-8.  Serial No: C3463. Year: 2014

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1794a Pauer Labeller

Pauer (Germany) Tamper Evident/Vignette Labeller

Stock Code: 1794

Serial No: 0109. Year: 2009

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