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AL.MA. Blister Packaging Machine

Stock Code: 1554

Model: Thermoform TF/440. Serial No: 257. Year: 2003

Outside dimensions (Welding Included) and inner dimensions of each single

Outer: width 113mm, length 150mm,
Inner: width 103mm, length 140mm, depth 73mm max.
Packs/Cycle: 3, advance pitch 160mm

Characteristics of Film

Base web for the thermoforming of tray:
Rigid, type: PET, thickness: 300/500 microns,
Web width 440mm, inner diameter of roll 76mm, outside max. 400mm.

Top web material for sealing:
Type: PET with lacquer, thickness: 100/150 microns,
Web width 420mm, inner diameter of roll 76mm, outside max. 300mm

Basic Machine Construction

Stainless steel and anodized aluminium construction, electric and pneumatic
equipment, film drive by stainless steel gripper chain, electronic control of advanced
pitch, forming stations, sealing and cutting with relative mechanical raising units,
check panel, PLC for the running cycle control and brushless motorisation.

Specific Equipment

– Base web and top web unwind units with pneumatic stop and end of reel
– 2 pre-heating stations for base web with 4 individual Teflon coated heating
plates. Temperature of plates checked individually through PLC.
– Pneumatic lifting units for pre-heating, forming and sealing stations.
– 1 forming head with plugs for positive forming.
– 1 forming die with 3 cavities.
– 3 plugs built.
– Loading platform with adjustable height, space for automatic positioner for
leaflet excluded, for the manual feeding of the product to be packed
– Automatic positioner for the insertion leaflet.
– 1 sealing head with 1 standard heating platen, with one corner not sealed for
easy opening and knurled sealed area.
– 1 sealing die with 3 seat gaskets.
– Rack and pinion manual centring between the forming and the sealing stations.
– Total die cut station for external cutting.
– 1 die cut station for euro hole with 3 punches.
– Motorised waste film-winding unit.
– Out feed motorised conveyor belt.
– Centralised gathering of compressed air exhausts.
– No. 3 Sets of 3 additional forming plugs, with spacers and cooling plate.
– No. 1 Refrigeration chiller at closed circuit.

Security Systems

– Accident preventions.
– Security sensors according to CE rules.
– CE conformity certificate and CE mark.

General Technical Characteristics of the Thermoforming Packaging Machine

– Max depth of thermoforming 80mm.
– Height of loading platform 925mm.
– Electrical requirements 3 phase + neutral + earth, Hz50 380 Volt.
– Installed power, approx. 15/20Kw.
– Real consumption 50%
– Air consumption 1000/1200 L/m.
– Compressed air pressure 6 Ate.
– Water consumption 150 L/h
– Length of machine, approx. 9150 (8000+150)mm
– Width of machine, approx. 1100mm.
– Height of machine, approx. 2100mm.
– Weight of machine, approx. 3000Kg

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