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ACG–PAM Capsule Filler

Stock Code: 1903

Model: AF90T. Serial No: 500. Year: 2013

Fully automatic capsule filling machine suitable for filling different types of powder formulations into hard gelatin capsules. 

Can work for powder, pellets, partial filling or powder and pellet combination. 

Output of up to 90,000 capsules per hour for powder and up to 80,000 capsules per hour for pellets or combination tablets (also suitable for micro tablets), depending on quality of capsules and type of formulation. 

Can handle any size of capsule from 00 to 5 (with appropriate format parts) and is designed to use a tamping process to form the slug that is inserted into the empty capsule. 

Features: capsule orientation mechanism and reject for unopened capsules; 27 litre hopper with powder stirrer blade, the fill level of the hopper can be checked via a sight window; stainless steel construction with full interlocking guarding; PLC touch screen. 

The filling area has a safety hood which restricts contamination of formulations from the external environment and protects the operator from constant exposure to active drugs. 

The machines drive parts are isolated from the filling area. 

Any damaged or distorted capsules are removed by the ACG-PAM SE-100 sorter/elevator included with this machine. 

Electrical requirements: 3 phase, 415V, 50Hz. 

This capsule filler comes with the following machines from all made by ACG-PAM in the year 2013: Air Displacement Unit (vacuum unit) model ADU-100 serial number 2200; Metal Detector model MD-307, serial number V7M95/13; Empty Capsule Eliminator model ECS-100, serial number ECS-1367; Checkweigher model CW, serial number 304; Deduster/Polisher model DP; and a box of spare/change parts.  

Main machine size: 1700mm x 1300mm x 2150mm high, approx. weight 2350kg. 


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